Event Audio Services

Accomplish more in every meeting when you count on crystal-clear audio conferences.

Stop Dreading Meetings. Start Leading Them.

Hear Every Word Clearly

Call in From Any Device

Reliable Global Coverage

Stop straining your ears to make out garbled speech from the other end of the call.

Event Conferencing is a premium conferencing service where a dedicated operator manages your call from start to finish, ensuring excellent sound quality. It is an ideal solution for company announcements, quarterly results, training sessions, Town Hall meetings, AGMs, and other high-profile events.

With Wish Collaboration’s Event Conferencing service, you’ll receive white glove treatment that includes each participant being answered by a live operator. Additionally, contact information can be captured when their line is answered. The operator will also formally introduce the host and topic and conduct a Q&A session to ensure a successful and engaging event.



(Direct entry/pre-registration)

Participants register for an event and are provided a unique pin. The pin identifies and displays all user information when they enter the call.

Standard OA

All participants are greeted by an operator and information requested is gathered and the participant placed into the call.

Recorded Entry

All participants are asked to record their information as they join the call; recordings are transcribed in real-time.

Event Meet

Participants click on the event URL, fill in the information requested by the event organizer, enter their phone number and are joined to the call automatically with all details.